CBD Infused Bath n Body

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a cannabidial.  The human body contains an endocannabinoid system which is the vast network of cannabinoid receptors and their corresponding compounds, endocannabinoids.  

In short, this means when we are introduced to a cannibidial such as CBD oil...our body not only warmly recognizes it, it also knows and sends it directly where needed!  It's like a long lost healing brother come home!  It seriously is so interesting and amazing how our body literally loves and uses CBD oil.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

For Pain Relief:

The human body has  C1 and C2 brain receptors...which are proteins attached to our cells that recognize, receive and communicate with CBD signals... our cells then respond which creates both an anti-infmammatory and painkilling effect on the body.  Cool huh?

I am not making any medical claims whatsoever regarding CBD oil; but, research is readily available regarding the effects of CBD oil on: Arthiritis, RLS, Fibromyalgia, MS, and so much more......long list.  I even put it on a toe I stubbed one day...not really expecting anything but it was handy...I couldn't believe it when I actually remembered a little bit later and realized my toe didn't hurt anymore!

 For first-hand testimonials from people I know and have just supplied to please see the "Testimonials" tab.  Real people, unedited information.

CBD oil for the skin: 

The layers of our skin contain receptors also that recognize CBD and utilizes the oil to help set our skin straight also! Even while it's sending pain relief somewhere else! is the biggest organ of the body.  So....whatever you put on your skin is also getting soaked into your system also.  CBD oil is said to be good for inflammation and rejuvenating old, marked skin.  I'll let you know on the "old skin" part....I'm just starting to use it for that so no experience to speak of yet.

To date I use the lotion for my daily neckache and backache.  I also massage my husband with it which has helped immensely with his daily shoulder and backache.   It also helped his RLS at night!  My mother-in-law likes the balm for her arthiritic hands. 

There are absolutely a myriad of benefits of CBD oil...way too many to mention here.  Many disease therapies are appearing to respond very positively to the introduction of CBD oil  Here is a link to an organization that has much research on CBD oil.  I encourage you all to search for help for yourself and loved ones.

I also ingest CBD oil daily.  I purchase my high quality oil here:  

LASTLY!  European CBD oil is vastly  superior to American grown CBD oil.  For the moment anyway.  Our American growers will soon catch up to what Europe has been doing for years.  To compare:  typically an American CBD oil will be about 10-18% pure CBD while European...most specifically the European oil I use in my products... is 24% pure.  BIG difference.  It's very very important that no matter what you're using it for....always purchase a quality CBD oil and always check the purity percentage!  

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